Portland Area Service Calendar
Committee Date/Time Link
900 Main St #200
Oregon City
Bridges to Change
Aug 2nd, 6:30PM
Newsletter Subcommittee Aug 5th, 7PM go
Activities Aug 14th, 2PM go
Public Relations Aug 12th, 7PM go
Outreach Aug 25th, 6PM go
Literature Orders Due Aug 25th, Midnight order
Hospitals & Institutions
4033 SE Woodstock
Aug 26th, 6PM go
5415 SE Powell Blvd.
Aug 27th, 10AM go
Literature Orders Pickup
5415 SE Powell Blvd.
Aug 27th, Noon to 2PM pickup
Area Service Meeting (Hybrid)
5415 SE Powell Blvd
Aug 27th, 2PM
GSR Orientation 1PM
Passcode to all meetings is service.