Phoneline Subcommittee

What is Phoneline?
The Phoneline Sub Committee operates as a part of Public Relations. It is one of the three ways NA is presented to the public. A call to the Phoneline may be someone’s first interaction with the fellowship.
These calls are vital; a phoneline call can make a major difference in whether or not an addict makes it to an NA meeting.

If you are interested in joining Phoneline…
Before you can sign up for a shift you must attend orientation held after our regular business meeting and come to our monthly business meeting Thursday before area at 6pm.

2018 Public Relations Meeting Dates
January 26th February 23th
March 23th April 27th
May 25th June 22nd
July 27th August 24th
September 28th October 26th
November 23rd December 28th



Trinity United Methodist Church, 3915 SE Steele
you can also email us for more information at: