Outreach Subcommittee of Portland Area NA

The main purpose of Outreach is to promote unity and to overcome isolation among individual groups. We offer assistance to NA groups struggling with lack of experience or information, cultural differences and difficulties arising from internal controversy. In all the efforts of our subcommittee, ongoing communication and follow up visits are essential and given first priority.

As one of our goals is to bring more isolated groups into the larger NA community, we actively encourage involvement in the service structure. Members of Outreach are available to answer questions about the 12 Traditions of NA, participation at Area Service and to share our experience, strength and hope concerning the early stages of group development. Outreach in the Portland Area has sought to accomplish this by providing communication, support and services to these groups as well as the larger service structure.

Outreach has successfully addressed difficulties in individual NA groups concerning geographical isolation, conducting business meetings, finding meeting places and effectively bringing a group conscience to the area level. One of the major functions of our subcommittee is to provide training for new Group Service Representatives (GSRs). On the last Saturday of each month, two members of Outreach conduct orientation in which new GSRs are familiarized with the Area Service structure and how to participate, location of meeting schedules and literature, the making of motions and a working knowledge of Area Bylaws and Rules of Order.

Every Narcotics Anonymous meeting in the Portland Area is encouraged to fill out and submit a Group Report Form (GRF) on a monthly basis. These GRFs are collected and reviewed by out subcommittee, and are a crucial component in our mission to promote a unified NA community. With the the GRF, Outreach is able to respond to specific problems, questions or service needs of individual groups in a program of autonomy. Portland Area Outreach responds to every GRF it receives in which our help is requested.
The efforts of our subcommittee depend in large part upon the needs of the Portland Area. We are always open to suggestions of any kind and invite any member to participate in our meetings.

You can contact us at :  info@portlandna.com