Hospitals and Institutions

Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee of Portland Area Narcotics Anonymous


The H&I subcommittee of the Portland Area Service Committee is a group of men and women, members of Narcotics Anonymous, who believe in the concept: “TO ASSURE THAT NO ADDICT IN A HOSPITAL OR INSTITUTION SEEKING RECOVERY NEED DIE WITHOUT HAVING HAD A CHANCE TO FIND A BETTER WAY OF LIFE. FROM THIS DAY FORWARD MAY WE PROVIDE THE NECESSARY SERVICES.”


This concept should always be our primary concern. This will insure that when an addict who is housed in a correctional facility, hospital, treatment or detoxification center reaches out for recovery, Narcotics Anonymous will be there.


This committee is a subcommittee of the Portland Area Service Committee (PASC) and is directly responsible to that committee.


The H&I subcommittee meets the Friday night before Area service (generally the last Friday of the month) at 6pm with the general business meeting at 7pm. Those who wish to join must have 6 months clean time and attend orientation at 6pm. The address for the meeting is: 4033 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97202